1941 Packard One-Ten Deluxe Touring Sedan

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1941 Packard One-Ten Deluxe Touring Sedan

1941 Packard

This Packard is one of approximately 4,000 examples of this model made in 1941. It features a 245-CID L-head inline 6-cylinder engine. As it was restored in 1992, a new front suspension was built and a new exhaust was added. This car features the One-Ten black exterior with tan interior and Bedford cord upholstery. It runs on a 3-speed column-shift manual transmission. The car also features Westinghouse lights and an original A.M. radio.

This One-Ten in History . . .

The year is 1941, and Packard has released its newest line of the Packard One-Ten and One-Twenty. “Meet the class of ’41 . . . smarter, sleeker, more luxurious . . . successor to a great success!”

New styling features include smart new ornamentation adorning the visibly longer, more gracefully rounded hood—sleek in every line. The absence of ventilating louvers on the side of the bonnet emphasizes simplicity of design.

Headlamps flared into fenders and surmounted by streamlined parking lamps add to the car’s rakish, clean-cut appearance—enlivened by sparkling cooling grills.

The 1941 model was lowered by 1.5 inches without reducing headroom for passengers. This improved its handling and center of gravity, compared to previous models. This 245-CID straight-6-cylinder puts out a full 100 horsepower.

Features like the Aero-Drive and Electromatic clutch improved the motoring experience for the driver in 1941. Packard continued improving its design and mechanics into the ’40s, but it began to fall behind on some of the modern touches that other vehicle manufacturers were implementing.

Although the Series One-Ten was still a luxury car in its day, the imposing high-class build that once represented Packard began taking steps toward its ultimate demise in the 1950s.

Please watch this video to see this elegant vehicle for yourself: