1980 Dodge Custom Van (Tandem-Axel)


1980 Dodge Custom Van (Tandem-Axel)

The Dodge B series was a range of full-size vans produced by Chrysler Corporation from 1971 to 2003. During this period, the vans were sold under several nameplates. Most were sold by the Dodge division, although rebadged versions were also sold by the now-defunct Fargo and Plymouth divisions. Unfortunately, despite many requests from customers, the Dodge Ram van wasn’t available in the desired 360-CID V-8 model until 1972.

Although Chrysler made two redesigns of the B-platform van, much of the exterior sheet metal remained unchanged over 33 years of production, making it one of the longest-used automotive platforms in American history. For 2003, DaimlerChrysler introduced the Dodge Sprinter (produced by Mercedes-Benz), making the B-platform van the last full-size van designed by Chrysler.

For its entire production run, Chrysler built the B-platform vans at the now-demolished Pillette Road Truck Assembly plant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

About this Custom Ram Van

This particular Dodge Ram Van features a 360-CID V-8 engine paired with a 4-speed automatic. It has beautiful new headers, exhaust, side pipes, and of course the extra tag axle. This van pushes out 155 horsepower in total, which is a tough match to the massive weight and 127.6-inch wheelbase; the total length is over 223 inches. The Tandem-Axle Van from Barry’s Van & Muscle Car Collection has won multiple awards for its brilliant and outstanding design.

The customized van’s most prominent feature is the 1980s custom airbrush paint job. The massive driver’s side of the van depicts a fully armored knight riding his horse from a castle enveloped in flames. The passenger side shows two men who could only be described as wizards riding dragons down from the sky toward the same castle. The front hood displays a full-bearded man with an orb of some kind. The back doors don’t disappoint either: there, a dragon throws flames down on yet another wizard-like figure.

The interior of the van is as flamboyant as its exterior. Fiber optic lights encompass the entire headliner. In true stretch-limousine fashion, bench seats line the entire driver’s side and rear. Dual flat-screen TV’s and a massive sound system round out the multimedia functions, making this the ultimate party machine. The interior has been completely tailored to this particular van by Big Boys Coach Builders in California.

The Midwest Dream Car Collection is proud to own such a meticulous work of art. The hours of intense labor needed to make this van what it is can be appreciated by anyone. This vehicle is truly one of a kind; there’s nothing in the world quite like it. Custom designs and modifications are often used to express a passion for the automobile, or create an understanding of the car that matches the builder with his or her machine. This van tells a story like no other, a story of an artist and an exclusive creation.