1950 Ford F1 Pickup


1950 Ford F1 Pickup

*The information in this document is provided by The Standard Catalog of American Cars. The full citation is listed below with where to find this information and more.

This F1 pickup falls into the third year of Ford’s F-Series pickups, originally introduced in 1947. A post-war design by Ford, this truck provided a comfortable space for the driver and was capable of any duty that might be asked of it. Ford put a lot more thought into the F-Series than its previous pickups, and that thought centered on who was buying these trucks.

For instance, farmers who commonly bought pickups wore hats; therefore, the roof height increased by a few inches. The cab was a full seven inches wider to accommodate the driver and two passengers, the door frame was moved forward three inches to make entry into the seat much easier, and new mountings cut down on driving noise and vibrations. Sun visors were added, labels grew easy to read, and the interior became much more luxurious for longer trips, allowing passengers to ride in comfort.

The F1 was Ford’s half-ton pickup, the F2 was the three-quarter-ton pickup, and the F3 was the replacement for Ford’s tonner pickup (one-ton pickup). Almost 40 million models from Ford’s F-Series trucks have sold since their introduction in 1948.

As the model-year 1950 rolled around, the grill entered its last year of being a series of five horizontal bars. In 1951, a number of changes to the F-Series created a drastically different look on the front end. The 1950 F1 falls right in the middle of the first-generation F-Series pickups, which ended in 1952. Ford offered two engine options for 1950: the 226-CID inline 6-cylinder engine, or a 239-CID flathead V-8.

Since the introduction of the Ford F-Series trucks in 1948, nearly 40 million trucks have been produced by Ford. The Ford F-Series pickup is, to this day, the highest selling light-duty truck in the United States. In 2018 the number of half-ton F-150 pickups was up from 2017 by nearly 5%.

About this Ford F1 . . .

This F1 features a 226-CID L-head inline 6-cylinder engine, producing 95 horsepower. It weighs 3,060 lbs and has a 1,480-lb payload. This half-ton truck was produced in Detroit, Michigan, and had an MSRP of $1,175. The truck’s color code is called hunter green.

The previous owner and restorer explains, “This 1950 F-1 Ford pickup has undergone a ground-up restoration. The 226-CID engine has been professionally rebuilt, with 12,000 miles since the rebuild. The truck was purchased from a salvage yard and completely restored to an original state. After the restoration, I owned the car for 11 years. It runs and drives nicely and will top out around 65 mph—pretty fast for an old 1950 pickup.”

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