2006 Ferrari F430 Spider


2006 Ferrari F430 Spider

Unveiled in 2004, as a successor to the Ferrari 360 and 360 Challenge Stradale, the Ferrari F430 had huge shoes to fill. The 360 Challenge Stradale being one of the most sought-after Racing-Ferrari’s ever made, the F430 needed to be something brilliant to launch excitement into their consumers’ eyes.

Designed by Pininfarina under the direction of Frank Stephenson, the 430’s body styling was created to reflect and revise the 360 with aerodynamics and beauty in mind. Despite sharing many build qualities with the 360 before it, the new Ferrari mid-engine V8 had an increased downforce and significantly improved styling.

Named after its 4.3-liter V-8, this Ferrari is equipped the first V8 to not come from the Dino racing program of the 1950’s.

Brakes on the Ferrari were designed in cooperation with Brembo and Bosch, with results including a new cast-iron alloy for the rotors. Improved heat dissipation also came from the carbon fiber enhanced ceramic calipers, not fading even after hundreds of laps on the race track.

More about this Particular F430…
The car featured before you features all of the optional carbon-fiber extra’s, F1 manual transmission, Daytona power seats, upgraded (after-market) exhaust, yellow brake calipers, and a black convertible top.

The Spider in “F430 Spider” is a Ferrari term used to denote the convertible top on this particular F430. The result of this convertible top makes for a more open road experience, a more aggressive sound, but a top-speed decrease of 3 miles per hour. Easily noticeable by the two semi-circles above the occupant’s heads, the Spider is easily loved on a beautiful spring day at both the race track and while cruising through town.

Although this car is often driven at speeds under 55 mph, this racecar is a super sports car made specifically for the track. It’s creators in Italy have one of the strongest automotive heritages to ever be recorded.

The Story of Ferrari…

“We build cars unique in terms of their performance, innovations, technology, driving pleasure and design.

Cars acknowledged the world over as the pinnacle of Made in Italy achievement.

We design and build all our cars in Maranello, Italy, but we sell them in over 60 markets worldwide through a network of 180 authorized dealers.

We competed in our 900th grand prix in August 2015 and remain the only constructor to have taken part in every single edition of the Formula 1 World Championship since its launch.”

The Ferrari brand is perhaps one of the most iconic family names to come out of Italy but how much do you know about Ferrari history? Created in the 1950’s by Enzo Ferrari, the first luxury racing cars were manufactured in the city of Maranello. Enzo himself was a race car driver, and it is this personal experience as a driver, combined with his commitment to improved engineering, that has revolutionized the luxury and super car industry.



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