2016 Chevrolet Camaro Z06


2016 Chevrolet Camaro Z06

About this Camaro GT4 Racecar…

This GT4 Camaro is a factory-sponsored Z28 from Chevrolet. It features a 7-liter V8 built by GM for the Pirelli World Challenge. It also sports a dry sump system, carbon ceramic brakes, lightweight forged racing wheels, JRZ shocks, Ron Davis radiator, AEM electronics, Centerforce clutch, 20-inch Pirelli tires, and a Fuel Safe racing gas tank. This car is heavily modified from a stock Camaro and used for GT4 races.

This Camaro Z28 was raced by Geoff Reeves in the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge in the GTS category. This number 40 car raced alongside another Camaro, the number 20 car. Geoff was a Navy Seal for 9.5 years then began working as a brand liaison for car companies and fell in love with racing. After training at driving schools, like Bondurant (decal on car), he received a sponsorship from the Camaro team and began racing professionally. Originally running the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge series in 2014, he moved into the Pirelli World Challenge in 2015. Geoff’s favorite part of the Pirelli World Challenge is the broad variety of cars in the race, and the ability to race through the streets of such amazing cities. Racing through the heart of St. Petersburg, and places like Long Beach, and going to the world’s most amazing road courses including Sonoma, Mid-Ohio, and Laguna Seca. He also enjoys the use of real car bodies in racing because you can see the exact same car driving through the streets of your home town. Reeves is a Corvette enthusiast, so he is extremely proud to have been in the Chevy family, racing a Camaro.

More about driver, Geoff Reeves…

Geoff also owns the Shadow Works Group, an action sports brand which sells clothing online for sports like skydiving, one of Geoff’s other favorite activities. Although Geoff still believes in the power and muscle of the American Camaro, he is in love with the looks of the McLarens he races against. He is an adrenaline enthusiast, and he has a Siberian Husky at home that he cannot fail to mention. Geoff can also be seen as supporting cast in the movies Independence Day: Resurgence and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

When we spoke with Geoff about his experience with the car he said: “MY CAR!!!! My apologies, I know it isn’t ‘mine’ anymore, but it is really good to see it and in good hands too! Oh, I absolutely LOVE that thing! Thank you for reaching out. Truly an amazing piece of kit.

It originally started out as a student car at the Arizona-based race school Bondurant. For whatever reason the airbag blew on the wheel and the school didn’t want to replace it. The team owner made a deal to buy it and its sister car for $1 and promote the school through its racing. (The sister car was DESTROYED when it was raced in the Trans Am series and was hit…BAD).

The owner brought in exceptionally skilled guys who have built cars and gutted the two cars and rebuilt them as GT4 spec race cars. Being sponsored by Chevrolet, as the newest model came out each year, we upgraded the exterior to reflect the new design. Hence it went from a 2SS, to 1LE, to the new Z28. When the Z28 arrived, the series was SCARED of that thing. We were weighted down…

Our ride height was higher than a stock car off of the lot (I measured!) and restricted so bad. That car is a fire-breathing dragon they tried to tame. That car is so awesome it was emotionally tough to let it go. We had been through a lot and [it] never let me down.”

Geoff currently races for Aston Martin, but he is extremely proud of his racing start with Chevrolet and his races in this Z28.

Understanding GT Series Racing…

GT1 was designed by the ACO as high-tech production-based racing for factories. It saw the Corvette C6.R, the Aston Martin DBR9, and the Saleen S7R race for wins all over the world.

GT2 was designed by the ACO as professionals-only production-based racing for privateers (mostly in customer cars). It saw 911 GT3 RSRs, 430GTCs, and M3 GTs race for wins all over the world.

GT3 was designed by SRO as pro-am production-based racing for privateers (mostly in customer cars). It saw Z4 GT3s, 911 GT3 Rs, and SLS AMG GT3s race for win in regional series all over the world.

GT4 was designed by SRO as am-am, low-tech (barely modified) production-based racing for privateers (mostly in team-built cars). It saw Lotus 2-Elevens and Maserati MC GT4s fighting for wins in regional series mostly in Europe.

GT1 died in 2009 when the ALMS got rid of the class. However, SRO decided they wanted the class to live longer, so they took their FIA GT championship and split it into two parts: GT1 World, a series for old GT1 cars on the world stage with pro-pro drivers, and GT3 Europe, a series for current GT3 cars on the European stage with pro-am drivers.



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